Gmail had done a very simple customization sometime back. They categorized all the mails with big letters in colorful boxes. Every single mail was categorized with that representation. What did it do really? It simply helped users to visually segregate the mails and read selectively.

Any simple customization done by a product is purely to help look for that needle in the haystack. With every passing day Command Center looks for as many ways as possible to make user interaction & management easier, helping look for that needle. In the same line of thought rest of the blog will be talking about 2 new additions to the CC usability feature set.

Host Name

Command Center had recently introduced another column for Host Name of the devices under Device Inventory.  Prior to this the administrator could either have IP address  or Hostname representation under “Name” column. The fact is, just the IP address or just the hostname will not do when you are managing multi-device deployments. It is the combination of both which will help manage the device inventory efficiently and identify the right devices in search for.

Syslog Purge Interval

Let’s talk about managing Syslog’s now. Command Center when configured as Syslog server collects all the Syslogs of the devices playing as a Central Syslog Manager. Anyone who maintains syslog’s does it for the purpose of Audit or to understand certain trends. There are administrators who want to maintain syslog data for years, but there are also administrators who want to maintain for only a quarter for specific information only. To cater to both the cases, Command Center has introduced a Syslog purge interval wherein it will enable the admin to maintain syslogs for only that specific period of time. This will not only fine tune the level of data admin analyses; it will also avoid consumption of extra DB space.

With these small customizations we have witnessed a level of ease amongst the administrators. It’s amazing how The Simple Things can make such an impact 🙂