I Love NetScaler

Hey Everyone,

I’d like to introduce a new blog series here on Citrix Blogs, the NStipster!

I’m a Senior Readiness Specialist (Technical Trainer) at Citrix and get to train the technical support teams, work with Citrix partners and sometimes customers at the Citrix Summit and Synergy events. I plan to cover my core areas of expertise: NetScaler, NetScaler Gateway, Application Firewall and any other Citrix products that involve NetScaler.

I’ll be posting some longer articles here and also have a twitter account @NStipster for those small little nuggets of info that pop into my head pretty much on a daily basis.

Welcome to the blog and hopefully you will learn something new from the tips that I share. Hopefully you can follow me on twitter (there’s a good few tweets on there already) and spread the good word about Citrix NetScaler.


Andrew Sandford aka NetScaler Tipster!