You may have seen the news that Amazon recently announced the 3rd generation of the Kindle Fire Tablet. While the first two iterations of the device were largely focused on consumer content consumption, the latest tablet broadens the value proposition to include personal work productivity. The new Kindle Fire includes a set of APIs for IT to remotely secure and manage the device so IT can say ‘yes’ to Kindles as part of their BYOD programs.

Look for two things in the enterprise mobility market to move up and to the right over the next few years – innovation, and well, employee happiness.

Both Forbes and Fast Company listed Amazon the second most innovative company in the world (Forbes list; Fast Company list). This means Amazon’s enterprise mobility innovation will have a ripple effect throughout the mobility ecosystem, resulting in better solutions for enterprises.

But in the wake of accelerating Consumerization, the employee needs to win too, right? Well good news. According to Venture Beat research, the Kindle Fire is second only to the Apple iPad in terms of user popularity. We will now have two powerhouse companies maniacally focused on the user’s experience building products to make it easy to get employees’ jobs done – wherever and whenever.

One thing that is not going to change, however, is IT’s need to manage a heterogeneous mobility environment. Fortunately, Citrix has been working closely with Amazon to ensure our joint customers can easily onboard Kindles into their existing environment. And coincidently, Citrix XenMobile customers can subscribe to the product running securely in the Amazon cloud – another area where Amazon is innovating to improve and simplify the way we all do business.
Bring on the enterprise innovation (and happiness).