XenDesktop 7 is a next-generation platform for delivering desktops and applications to users. The streamlined architecture allows IT to cut costs while maximizing productivity. Whether you have previous XenDesktop experience, XenApp experience, both or neither, understanding the core XenDesktop 7 concepts is vital for implementation success.

I recently put together several short CitrixTV videos on a variety of topics. They are:

Setting Up SQL Server Mirroring for XenDesktop
Setting Up a XenDesktop 7 Site
Delivering Applications in XenDesktop 7
Application Settings and File-Type Association in XenDesktop 7
Delivering App-V Applications in XenDesktop 7
Server Load Balancing
Delegated Administration
Configuration Logging
Deploying the VDA for Remote PC Access in XenDesktop 7
Remote PC Access Setup in XenDesktop 7

Let us know what you think about these videos by commenting on them directly and/or posting comments to this blog. We are currently scoping for additional XenDesktop DIY video topics as well. Let us know what you’d like to see next by commenting here.

Until next time…