In a separate blog post, Kailas Jawadekar introduced  CloudPortal Business Manager 2.1, sharing with you how CloudPortal can accelerate time to value for enterprises and service providers via add-ins called Connectors. I am pleased to say that co-launching today with Citrix we have CloudPortal Business Manager Connectors from ActiveState, Appcara, Caringo, Cloudian, Cloudsoft, and CumuLogic.

CloudPortal Business Manager Connectors

All of these connectors are Citrix Ready, meaning they’ve successfully passed a test suite demonstrating compatibility with CloudPortal Business Manager, giving customers added confidence in the joint solution offering.  To see the complete list of connectors available, including the Citrix-provided reference Connectors for CloudPlatform and OpenStack, see the Citrix CloudPortal Connector Marketplace.  Let’s take a look at each partner Connector launching today.

Storage Connectors

Storage is a fundamental pillar of any public or private cloud, on par with compute and networking. In keeping with the innovation going on in the area of object storage, we are announcing CloudPortal Connectors from Caringo and Cloudian.

Caringo.  Caringo is introducing the Caringo Connector for CloudPortal Business Manager, giving enterprises and service providers an easy way to deliver massively scalable cloud storage for plug-and-play infrastructure expansion.  The Caringo solution provides value to enterprises and service providers alike.  For enterprises, the solution enables point and click provisioning and rapid deployment of cloud storage services, ensuring compliance and security from user management to storage access. The solution enables service providers to offer cloud storage more robust than Amazon S3. Service providers can differentiate cloud storage by offering customizable SLAs, while supporting compliance and governance requirements. Caringo storage can also decrease storage operating costs with an industry-leading 98% disk utilization and adaptive power conservation technology.  Want to see a demo of the Caringo Connector for CPBM?  View the recording of the September 12th Citrix Ready webinar with Caringo, “Foundation to a successful cloud storage service” .  To learn more about the Connector, please see the Caringo page on the Citrix Ready Marketplace,

Cloudian. With the vision of moving the marketplace towards Storage as a Utility, Citrix partner Cloudian is offering the Cloudian Connector for Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager. By integrating the Cloudian Storage Platform with CloudPortal Business Manager, enterprise IT and service providers can easily roll out S3-compatible cloud storage services. Everything from service provisioning, multi-tenant user management, pricing and billing are available out of the box, removing roadblocks to Storage as a Service (STaaS) adoption.  “Cloudian’s fully S3 compatible object storage software allows IT managers to securely deploy any of the hundreds of powerful S3-enabled applications from within their firewall,” said Michael Tso, CEO of Cloudian Inc.  “We have made it simple for IT managers to deploy cloud compute and storage in an easy to use package, starting from as few as two commodity servers and scaling to thousands. We look forward to continuing to innovate with this powerful new version of the CloudPortal Business Manager.”   Details on the Cloudian Connector can be found on the Cloudian page on the Citrix Ready Marketplace,, or read the analysis by 451 Research “Cloudian deepens partnership with Citrix, debuts Connector v2of the Cloudian Connector”.

Connectors for PaaS and Application Management

Platform as a Service and Application Management are two other key areas of focus in today’s cloud ecosystem.  Enterprises and Service Provider alike need tools to power the development, deployment, and management of both traditional applications and cloud-native applications. Focused on varying aspects of the application lifecycle, Citrix partners Appcara, ActiveState, Cloudsoft and CumuLogic have each announced integration with CloudPortal Business Manager to ease the transition to a service delivery model.

 ActiveState. Citrix partner, ActiveState, offers cutting-edge enterprise development solutions, including a private platform as a service (PaaS) solution, Stackato.  The Stackato Connector for Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager enables a single, unified commerce, user management, and provisioning experience on Citrix CloudPlatform.  By selecting the Stackato Connector from the Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager self-service catalog users gain full access to the Stackato web console.  CloudPortal manages the Stackato authentication tokens for users enabling seamless access to Stackato via the command line, from IDEs with CloudFoundry plugins, and also via the API. Through the connector, users can specify their resource requirements such as memory allocation, application URI, and log drains and it will send Stackato usage data and metrics back to the CloudPortal for billing and tracking purposes.  “We’re excited about being a Citrix-ready partner,” said ActiveState CTO Jeff Hobbs. “As more and more enterprises look to the cloud to make the development process more efficient, we see advancements made with the Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager as a very positive step in this direction. We are very pleased to offer a Stackato Connector as part of their self-service catalog.”  To learn more about the Stackato Connector, go to

Cloudsoft. Cloudsoft Corporation is a software company specializing in multi-cloud application management. The Cloudsoft AMP Connector for Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager enables enterprises to offer their most complex applications as-a-service, with automated deployment and management, and enterprise grade user management, billing, and reporting capabilities.  A 2012 finalist in the Citrix Ready Best of Synergy cloud category, Cloudsoft has a proven track record of bringing innovative technologies to the Citrix cloud platform.  Cloudsoft is extending that success to include the Cloudsoft AMP Connector for CloudPortal.  “Cloudsoft AMP and the Citrix Cloud Platform Business Manager naturally complement each other, allowing users to fully embrace the agility of cloud,” said Duncan Johnston-Watt, CEO Cloudsoft, “This collaboration gives service providers and enterprises the power and flexibility to  rapidly develop and deliver innovative new services, using cloud to serve their customers and their customers’ customers, without losing control.”   Learn more on the Cloudsoft page on the Citrix Ready marketplace,, or read the blog post by David Toy, Director of Product Management for Cloudsoft.

CumuLogic. Cumulogic, a Citrix Startup Accelerator member, is also embracing the service delivery model with their Cumulogic Connector for CloudPortal Business Manager. CumuLogic software enables enterprises and Cloud Providers to build AWS-like cloud services inside their firewall, empowering organizations to deliver IT-as-a-Service.  The Cumulogic Connector for CloudPortal enables the delivery of modular cloud services, including MySQL- and MongoDB-based Database-as-a-Service, Elastic Cache, Elastic Load Balancer, and DevOps environments.  The connector enables custom-packaged services with flexible pricing schemes, access to real-time usage information for chargeback and billing, and single sign-on through CPBM to the CumuLogic dashboard.  More information is available on the Cumulogic page on the CloudPortal Connector Marketplace,  Cumulogic is also offering a 30 day free trial, and a live demo environment.

Appcara. I saved partner Appcara for the end of my blog, since they have an interesting story around Citrix XenDesktop.  A 2013 finalist in the Citrix Ready Best of Synergy cloud category with their AppStack product, Appcara has solved the problem of deploying and managing complex, multi-tier applications into cloud environments.  AppStack is a platform for automating and simplifying the process of end-to-end provisioning and orchestration of enterprise applications in the cloud, simplifying what was previously a very manual, time-consuming process requiring a highly skilled technical staff. AppStack can not only launch, but manage the ongoing lifecycle of these multi-tier applications as they evolve and change over time, with support for over a dozen private and public cloud environments, including Citrix CloudPlatform.  CloudPortal users can now reap these same automation benefits through the new AppStack Connector for CloudPortal Business Manager (learn more by visiting the Appcara Marketplace page at or by obtaining a free trial). And here’s where it really gets interesting…the latest release of AppStack will automate the deployment of Citrix XenDesktop—the market leading virtual desktop and virtual application delivery solution from Citrix. You’ve heard Citrix talk about how you can deliver applications and desktops via XenDesktop from a VPC in Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. But what about clouds based on Citrix CloudPlatform? AppStack now enables point and click provisioning and management of XenDesktop in addition to 85 other pre-packaged enterprise workloads.

What’s next?

If you are an enterprise or a service provider that has deployed or are considering deploying CloudPortal Business Manager, keep an eye out for new Connectors. Our ecosystem is growing, and we will post all Connectors on the Citrix CloudPortal Connector Marketplace,

If you are a solution developer or ISV and want to integrate your product with CloudPortal Business Manager, consider these resources: