Call it playing to the crowd, but when you tell us you want something, we do our best to deliver. So when you said you wanted high definition video for GoToTraining and GoToWebinar, we rolled it out in beta and solicited your feedback.

“HDFaces in a Webinar? It is a game changer. We use our webinars to help our prospective clients get to know us and trust us. What could be more powerful than adding a face?” – Rosen Law Firm, Family Law Attorney

Now, you too can play to the crowd with the general market availability of GoToWebinar with HDFaces for up to 1,000 participants and GoToTraining for up to 200 participants.

Attendees in GoToWebinar and GoToTraining meetings can view up to six web cameras in high definition, creating an experience similar to popular high definition video capabilities found in GoToMeeting. These new capabilities allow GoToWebinar and GoToTraining users to engage and collaborate with each other like never before with visual demonstrations and face-to-face interaction.

Ready for an enhanced video conferencing experience? Current GoToTraining and GoToWebinar customers should have access to this new feature by the end of September.*

In the meantime, keep the ideas coming: we’re listening, and your feedback, thoughts and comments are helping drive the next generation of collaborative work tools.

Learn more about HDFaces for GoToWebinar and GoToTraining:

Note: *Global eCommerce, Corporate, as well as Legacy eCommerce customers will be automatically upgraded to this new build. Corporate Legacy customers will be able to upgrade on demand.