The upfront capital expense of deploying desktop virtualization has long been debated, but today’s advancements in server hardware, hypervisor scalability, desktop virtualization technologies, and shared storage have really forced many administrators to rethink the costs, and more importantly, the value of desktop virtualization. App and Desktop Virtualization, otherwise known as VDI or HVD (Hosted Virtual Desktops), has matured over the years into a cost-effective alternative to distributed PCs. It delivers many of the consolidation and management benefits that the server virtualization movement provided, but desktop virtualization can take the overall solution one step further. While server virtualization benefited IT administrators, desktop virtualization benefits not just the IT admin, but also the user community leveraging the technology. By providing any user with secure remote access to virtual app and desktops over any type of connection and enabling work place flexibility, users are no longer tethered to a physical workspace or a particular type of device, all while streamlining IT management of the desktop.

Come hear from Citrix and Dell on September 24 at 2pm EST as we discuss ways to optimize your end user computing strategy. Among the topics for discussion, we will cover:

  • How desktop virtualization can ease your OS migration and PC refresh strategies
  • How your desktop virtualization architecture can be cost effective
  • How you can deliver applications to support your different users depending on specific needs and your BYOD policies
  • How you can free up your IT staff for more strategic projects and reduce desktop support

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