NetScaler is the de-facto ADC standard for XenApp and XenDesktop deployments. There are several NetScaler features which add great value to the VDI deployments. End users most of the time are either not aware of the value add or are not familiar with the configuration and workflow. In majority of cases NetScaler Gateway feature is used for secure remote connectivity followed by load balancing of core components. But there are many VDI focused optimization, acceleration, security and visibility features which are not exposed and used well. The Master Wizard ties all the moving pieces together in single organized flow where you as end user do not need to understand the technical details and complexities behind.

Every end user wants to do following:

  • Optimize TCP for VDI
  • Optimize SSL for ICA
  • Accelerate Web Access
  • Cache static objects
  • Compress HTTP content
  • HTTP attack protection
  • ICA Visibility with AppFlow

This is followed up by immediate question and worry:

  • I do not know how to get this done
  • Who will configure and setup
  • Which TCP parameters should change
  • Should we configure LB first or AppFw
  • How will I identify cacheable objects
  • What is AppFlow and how does it help

These questions are natural because not every user is expert in ADC technology. Hence this Wizard is designed to hide all the technical details behind and show you simplified flow which just requires few clicks to get everything done in the background. This simplified Wizard will reduce configuration and deployment time for core ADC features by multiple folds. We truly believe it will help get everything sorted out in matter of few hours.

You can find this Wizard in Load Balancing component on NetScaler GUI.


This wizard was released this week with NetScaler 10.1 Build 120.13 which is available at:

Recommend you to take a look at this exciting new wizard and we will come back with more details in next blog which will help you understand what is happening in the background.