So, the new iOS 7 is here , and it requires(read “only supports”) the new Citrix Receiver 5.8.3.

Some of my users will take the initial prompt and update the iOS immediately, and then find they can no longer access their XenApp Published applications; others may decline the prompt out of uncertainty of how it will affect their iPhone/iPad apps. I want both of these groups to know iOS7+Receiver5.8.3=Business as usual.

But, I dont want to mail-bomb the entire organisation – only those already using iOS devices to access XenApp published applications.

How do I identify these users?

This exact query came in from one of our Enterprise Customers, so it seems likely the answer will be of interest to others.

The following steps are written towards iOS devices, but with small modifications can likely be used also to find users of other mobile devices if required.

  1.  Edgesight – ICA Client Version  Report
    This will give the version of the ICA Client used in sessions.
    Receiver for iOS devices could be identified as being 5.7.% or 5.8.%
    More info:  

  3. SQL Query to Edgesight DB
    As in the following external Blog(thanks to Alain Assaf) – .
    Assuming you have someone nifty in SQL around – you can customise this further to suit your needs.Note that this is based on the default of a mobile device client name being recorded as “Mobile” . Therefore you would also need to check the Receiver version, once you have the output from that query. See point 3 to make this easier.

  5. Delivery Services Console / Access Management Console – View active XenApp sessions.Perhaps less useful for a historic report, but valuable if you want to check for current connections, you can of course use the DSC to view the Client Name for the current user connections. Most iPads/iPhones will contain their device type in the Device Name. e.g. iPhoneXYZ, Bills iPhone… etc.

    As in suggestion #2, iOS devices will by default be identified as “Mobile”. However, this article can be used to prevent this and have the real client name passed through. If the devices are named as “…iPad…” or “…iphone…” you will be able to see this in the console, or run the SQL query in point 2 to export and search the list.  

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