There are many schools of thought relating to first-mover advantage in any industry.  In the telecommunications field, this position can be a huge advantage indeed.  Take AT&T for instance with the launch of the iPhone.  They were able to co-brand the solution for years ahead of other service providers getting into the picture.  Now, another first mover has entered the scene in the Caribbean to deliver a hosted desktop solution with Citrix technology. It is Digicel Group, a regional telco with over 13 million customers.  Their Digicel Desktop as a Service, began in Bermuda and is rapidly moving to 31 markets across Bermuda, the Caribbean and South Pacific.  With this launch, Digicel expects to provide uplift to their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and create a tremendous ring fence for customer retention for years to come.

But globally this market is about much more than first-movers. Citrix has created a foundational base from which top tier Telcos, MSOs and MSPs can drive new business.  You see, the Citrix Service Provider business has been around for the past four years and we have thousands of partners creating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues.  Unlike our competition, who have boasted launches and logos, our partners are deploying actual services and creating value and revenues.  And the best news of all is our solutions are based on our tried and true technology, but tuned for hosted delivery in a multi-tenant world.