vSentry is built on the Bromium Microvisor – a small, security-focused hypervisor that automatically, instantly and invisibly hardware-isolates each document and website in its own micro-VM. Each of these micro-VMs is restricted from accessing sensitive data as well as the corporate intranet. vSentry does not rely on detection in any form, including signatures, heuristics, and behavioral analytics, which are only effective against known attacks. In a third-party test report published by NSS Labs, vSentry was installed on an unpatched and otherwise unprotected desktop, and yet was able to defeat all advanced targeted attacks launched against it.

Bromium vSentry offers a unique combination of proactive isolation and contextual enforcement that makes both physical and hosted virtual desktops secure, empowering users to access untrusted attachments, documents, media and the Web without risk to sensitive data, applications, or internal networks. Thus, whether employees are using desktops on the corporate domain, laptops on an airplane or in a hotel, or they’re connected to a virtual desktop from their iPad, malware cannot gain a foothold into the enterprise.

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