As the number of ShareFile Enterprise customers continues to grow, we are seeing a number of trends that are shaping the Enterprise File Sync and Sharing Market.  In reality, it is not really just about File Sync and Sharing, it is about servicing an increasingly mobile workforce.

Many of our customers are out of the office one week a month or more. It isn’t just about travel anymore. Global teams keep global calendars. We must enable employees to work from home for a variety of reasons such as family commitments, global virtual team meetings and more.

Below are some common themes that impact the overall File Sync and Sharing Market. Enterprises want:

1.       Choice

 Our customers want the ability to choose where to store their data – in the cloud, on premise or a hybrid of both. We are seeing increasing demand for our customer-managed StorageZones (This gives enterprises the ability to keep their data on-premises). While the ease of cloud-based storage works for many companies, on-premises options are increasingly becoming a core requirement within our customer base.  We see our customers, particularly those in highly regulated industries, replacing other services that limit them to cloud-only storage options in record numbers. Our customers value not having to migrate or replicate their data in the cloud. They want to mobilize the data they already have.

2.       A one stop shop

Our customers are looking for an enterprise mobility solution that helps their employees be as productive away from the office as they are on-site. This typically goes beyond data to include additional components such as virtual desktops, mobile device management, a unified corporate app store and more. We are seeing an increasing number of our customers choose Citrix over competing technologies due to the breadth and depth of our offering – all from a single vendor.

Citrix continues to integrate its mobility products from both a technical and licensing standpoint. For example, ShareFile Enterprise is now part of the XenMobile Enterprise. ShareFile on-demand sync optimizes ShareFile for virtual desktop environments, including those powered by XenDesktop and XenApp. Stay tuned as there are many more product integrations to come!

3.       A solution that works with what they have today

Our customers expect a solution that works with their existing data infrastructure and client base. They have a vast array of clients and they want their File Sync and Sharing solution to work with all of them. Many of our enterprise customers have substantial investments in data located file shares and SharePoint libraries. The ShareFile StorageZone Connectors feature allows IT to extend mobile access to these existing data platforms. Data is NOT replicated to the cloud – as many competitive services require. Finally, our on-premise solution isn’t limited to a particular type of storage. It works with any CIFS-based system.

4.       Vendors to help them with their compliance requirements while keeping it simple

Our highly regulated customers need simple, cost effective ways to manage their compliance requirements. With customer-managed StorageZones (our on-premise solution), IT is able to place data in the customers’ own datacenter to meet unique data sovereignty and compliance needs. For example, a user can provide view only file access to a 3rd party so when access to the file is no longer needed, the user can simply revoke the access. This is helpful at the end of a medical procedure or a legal case because the user does not have to go back to the 3rd party and ask for the media back. When faced with a compliance audit, the user can simply run a report that shows exactly who accessed what document and when.

ShareFile Enterprise has advanced security features such as remote wipe, device lock, passcode lock, data encryption and data expiration policies ensure complete control of enterprise data. Even mobile editing is secure. It is built-in so there is no need to leave the security of the ShareFile app to edit on the go. Users can create, review and edit Microsoft Office documents within the ShareFile app and edit them with similar tools that are available from their desktop Office applications. Users also can annotate Adobe PDF files within ShareFile and leverage all editing and annotation capabilities even when offline.

5.       Flexible billing options

Businesses want to buy their File Sync and Sharing solution on their own terms. Rather than being required to buy one particular type of license, Citrix offers a broad array of subscription based licenses as well as a perpetual license option. This has helped our customers account for their purchases as either capex or opex. Citrix offers them the flexibility to choose.