It was 1999, when I first met Authentec founders Scott Moody and Dale Setlak, they had this awesome office literally on the Indian River in Melbourne, Florida that was an instant draw. More impressive was the technology they were working on as a startup spinoff from Harris Semiconductor. It was a biometric fingerprint sensor built into silicon and able to read the RF signals of the live sub-epidermal layer of the skin but would not be spoofed like the competing optical and capacitance technologies.

The perception that fingerprint sensors can be fooled by fake silicon fingers or images is still lingering in the public, but that will soon change. In fact it was this unique IP was that motivated Apple to buy Authentec last year for $356 Million.

That day I spent with Scott and team convinced me they were on to something big, really big. This technology could finally bridge the gap of security requirements and user convenience. I was convinced that Authentec had the potential to provide the universal “On” button that would be embedded in Smartphones, Laptops, Cars and more…

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