Businesses are frequently urged to focus on their core competencies, but a great success story can be worth a thousand words of well-intentioned advice. Olikka, a Citrix partner based in Melbourne, Australia, made a careful decision to focus narrowly and is reaping stellar rewards, notably triple-digit growth.

Michael Pascoe, Olikka’s managing director, said the company concentrates primarily on solutions from Citrix and Microsoft, to the exclusion of other vendors such as VMware, for two main reasons:

  1.  Competitive differentiation. The success of Citrix and Microsoft in the enterprise space supports Olikka’s mission of helping organizations automate management of their IT environment. Olikka is betting that the two companies will be the winners in the enterprise, particularly in VDI and hypervisors.
  2. Market positioning. Olikka is a small specialist systems integrator aiming to become a large one, and believes narrow-casting its expertise and partnerships is the key to success. As Olikka hones its capabilities with Microsoft and Citrix technologies, this expertise helps the company cut out generalist competitors and appeal to customers looking for specialized skills and knowledge.

Combined solutions

Olikka adds even more value by combining Citrix and Microsoft solutions, particularly in VDI.  The company can help customers decide whether to transition to a centralized, virtualized desktop environment or find a suitable mix of traditional and virtualized technologies. For example, Olikka recently completed a Windows 7 deployment for Wyndham City Council in Victoria, Australia, using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. The strategy involved decoupling applications from the desktop OS and moving them onto the XenApp platform, where they are available for remote mobile access and can easily be assembled into physical desktops or virtual desktops.

Close relationships

By working very closely with Citrix and becoming trained in the latest solutions, Olikka is in a great position to assist customers that want to quickly adopt the newest product enhancements. Loscam, a provider of returnable package handling (RPH) solutions such as leased pallets, which operates 15 offices across the Asia-Pacific region, uses most of the Citrix stack and is always eager to embrace the newest advancements. For example, Pascoe believes Loscam is one of the first customers to adopt XenDesktop 7.

Rapid business growth

Since its founding in 2011, Olikka has achieved 100 percent year-over-year growth and was recognized by BRW magazine as being a Fast Starter: one of the top 100 young Australian companies in terms of revenue. Key reasons are Olikka’s strategic focus on Citrix and Microsoft solutions and close relationship with both partners, which not only contribute to strong growth but also provide valuable competitive differentiation.

In other words, sticking to its core competencies – and its core partnerships, has delivered major payoffs to Olikka.  And that can be a useful lesson for all of us.