Partners, I know you have heard me mention our Partner Spotlight initiative over these past few months. Well, today I am pleased to share with you a real use-case example of our most recent success story. This months’ article highlights Olikka, a Melbourne, Australia-based systems integrator. Read on to learn more about how Oikka is enjoying rapid growth.

Olikka is derived from a Swedish word meaning “different,” and this Melbourne, Australia-based systems integrator takes pride in its distinctive strategy for growth and success. According to Michael Pascoe, managing director, Olikka made the decision to focus primarily on solutions from Citrix and Microsoft, to the exclusion of other vendors such as VMware, for two main reasons. The first is competitive differentiation. “We believe the future is brightest for Citrix and Microsoft in our target areas of mobility, desktop, datacenter and cloud, and we are betting that they will be the winners in the enterprise, particularly in VDI and hypervisors,” he said.

Citrix and Microsoft success in the enterprise space supports Olikka’s mission of helping organizations automate management of their IT environment. Because the automation process calls for significant financial investment, the company targets mid-size to large enterprises with 300 or more software licenses.

The second reason for limiting its partnerships is Olikka’s market positioning as a specialist SI. “We’re a young, small company aiming to become a large SI, and we believe narrow-casting our expertise and partnerships is the key to success,” said Pascoe. Targeting a limited slice of IT and focusing on solutions from Citrix and Microsoft are allowing Olikka to become “really, really good” at these technologies. In turn, specialist knowledge and skills cut out many generalist competitors and appeal to customers looking for true experts.

Read the full article to see how Olikka is educating through experience and their strong partnerships have supported business growth along with much more.

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