I heard it again today. It’s just my first month at Citrix, but I’ve heard it over and over again since I left my job as an analyst at Gartner–though never from other analysts. Today it was from a reporter friend of mine. “In my business, we call it the darkside,”  he said. I get it–I’ve changed from my job as an objective analyst to someone who has picked a side. So let it be so.  I’m proud to announce I’ve joined Citrix as VP of Mobile Solutions & Strategy.

And quite a change it is. I did spend thirteen at Gartner building the enterprise mobility world. And I saw a lot of things come and go–and some great change. But I think we are only at the cusp of this enterprise mobility growth. Personal use has led the way–and our lives will never be the same. Who can imagine a time without a smartphone in our pocket?  Enterprise mobility is so much more complicated. But I think the time has come.  I’m excited to look at it from a different perspective–warts and all. I’m excited to be at a company that praises innovation, takes chances–and sometimes fails, but often succeeds. It’s great to be on the front lines of technology–and no doubt interest and adoption in mobility will keep rising. Maybe it will take a little “dark” magic (am I mixing Harry Potter and Star Wars now? to finally get enterprise mobility to truly succeed)–but I really think it will take a company that can identify needs broadly across enterprise technologies. It’s not just mobile devices–it’s the backend infrastructure, application development, network technologies–all of these combine to make enterprise mobility a success. So I am happy to be on whatever side I am. I know I made the right choice.

In the coming months I will will take a look at what’s happening in Citrix with mobility, our customers, our successes and maybe even some failures. That’s just part of life. I’ll mostly focus on what’s happening with mobile technologies, industry news–and my unique take on how enterprise mobility is developing.  I hope to bring you a different perspective–and I want to hear yours also. Please leave me comments–good and bad. It’s going to take  lot of effort to make enterprise mobility work–and we can’t go it alone. I look forward to hearing from you.

Phillip Redman is VP of Mobile Solutions & Strategy at Citrix. He does plug his devices in occasionally, but no wires have been found connecting him. Yet.