Sanbolic’s Melio5 Data Acceleration Platform… So Much More than Shared Storage

Andy Melmed, VP of Enterprise Architecture at Sanbolic, a global leader in data management and software-defined storage and long-time Citrix-Ready partner. While I’ve written numerous articles over the years that describe our company’s value-add for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, my motive for writing this particular article came from a recent epiphany I had: How many of the hundreds of Citrix customers who have been using our flagship product “Melio” to simplify and enhance their application and desktop virtualization deployments are truly realizing its full potential?

It all started a few months ago after participating in various discussions with some of our customers. During those conversations a common theme arose – – they were all very pleased with what they had accomplished using Melio in their XenApp and XenDesktop environments. For some, it was enabling high availability and load-balancing of their server and desktop images to protect against unexpected downtime and improve overall performance. For others, it was reducing the amount of time, effort and storage resources needed to manage and maintain their images, ultimately lowering project cost. And while it was nice to hear (repeatedly) that Melio helped them achieve many of their goals, it also became apparent to me they had been severely under utilizing Melio’s unique and extensive capabilities, consequently missing out on so many other really cool things they could have been doing all along – – things that would allow them to achieve far more than what they initially intended.

Thus my reasoning that perhaps many more, if not most of our customers have yet to take full advantage of all Melio has to offer in order to further enhance their application and desktop virtualization environments.

So for all the Citrix customers around the world that have been using (or plan to use) Melio to enable Provisioning Services (PVS) HA, simplify image management and reduce storage capacity requirements, I’d like to present a brief list of some of the other awesome things you could be achieving right now with your Melio software:

  • High availability of your Citrix databases (configuration, monitoring, PVS, etc.) without the costs or complexities of SQL Clustering, SQL Mirroring or SQL Replication
  • Improved virtual desktop performance to assure your users a rich desktop experience
  • Reliable image protection via point-in-time snapshots
  • Enhanced storage fault-tolerance via RAID1, 5, 6, 10, 50 or 60
  • Increased agility through storage/data live migration
  • Performance assurance for PVS streaming via QoS
  • Seamless infrastructure scale-out via dynamic volume expansion and the ability to add more servers without downtime
  • Enhanced storage resource utilization via intelligent data placement in mixed (hybrid) storage environments (i.e., SSD, Flash, HDD)
  • Multi-site DR

You see, over the past 18 months Melio has gone through a dramatic transformation, culminating with the release of Melio5 – a comprehensive, feature-rich data acceleration platform that is not only improving the way organizations manage and protect their business-critical applications, but is also offering them the opportunity to realize storage economics previously unheard of in the enterprise arena.

For example, using Melio5, XenApp and XenDesktop customers can build their own storage systems comprised of commodity server and storage hardware with Melio providing the full storage management capabilities typically found in higher-end storage arrays, only at lower cost and without vendor lock-in. Whether they choose high-performance storage (SSD, Flash), high-capacity storage (SATA, SAS), or a combination, Melio5 brings high availability, high performance and dynamic scale to XenApp and Desktop deployments, regardless of size.

Combine this unique “build-your-own storage system” capability with the inherent scale-out of Melio5 (up to 2048 servers and 65,000 storage devices) and users have the ability to create scale-out storage infrastructures to support application and desktop virtualization environments that grow to hundreds of servers and thousands of desktops!

If you haven’t visited Sanbolic’s website ( lately, I encourage you to take a few minutes to browse through our pages. While doing so, you’ll learn how Melio is:

  • Improving application performance and enabling application availability and scale using the most cost-effective means available on the market today
  • Simplifying the way IT administrators manage and protect their organizations’ critical data
  • Enabling scale-out storage architectures that utilize server-side storage to reduce IT footprints and lower (or eliminate) the costs associated with purchasing, managing, operating and maintaining external (SAN) storage arrays

Whether you’re a new or existing Citrix/Sanbolic customer, it’s time you started taking advantage of all the value-producing things you could be doing with your Melio software! Once you do, you’ll understand exactly what we mean when we say Melio is so much more than shared storage.

Sanbolic Melio5 is Citrix Ready

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