There are always so many features to highlight for NetScaler but since a nice Knowledge Base (KB) article CTX138858  just came out on this, thought it would be good to share the details of auto update of NetScaler Application Firewall (AppFW) signatures.

As many of you know already, NetScaler AppFW not only has positive security model but also negative security model using signatures through NetScaler partnership with Sourcefire.  Now, to enhance the protections with new vulnerabilities that may come up from the partner and to really provide more advantageous to NetScaler’s hybrid model, signatures can now be automatically updated.  This helps customers not have to do ongoing manual intervention to get the latest signatures.  NetScaler previously had some ability to automate the signature updates but this process improves the user experience significantly.

As detailed in the article, the signatures are auto-updated on an hourly basis, which saves users the time to now always checking for the most recent update. User just enable the auto update feature and the NetScaler then connects to the server hosting the signatures to check if a newer version is available.