Cisco and Citrix Expand Partnership

Companies announce larger virtual networking portfolio and new application delivery controller strategy.

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Optimize Performance of Virtual Applications

Citrix NetScaler 1000V is an application delivery controller solution, and part of the Cisco Cloud Network Services architecture. It gives applications critical performance enhancements, including offloading application servers, helping guarantee quality of service (QoS), and improving end-user experiences.

Citrix NetScaler 1000V is a software-based virtual appliance that provides the comprehensive NetScaler feature set.

This easy-to-deploy application delivery solution can be integrated with the overall Cisco Nexus 1000V cloud networking portfolio and run on multiple hypervisor platforms. In this way, it can be deployed on demand, anywhere in the data center, using the Cisco Nexus 1100 Cloud Services Platform or off-the-shelf servers.

The simplicity and flexibility of NetScaler 1000V make it cost-effective to fully optimize every web application and more effectively integrate networking services with application delivery.

More Flexible Virtual Form Factor

Virtual services can be more flexibly deployed to cloud service providers without modification. Providers can rely on the same infrastructure and policies that they might have with corresponding physical appliances in their on-premises data centers.

With NetScaler 1000V, customers can have consistency across their physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures, along with Citrix NetScaler physical appliances.

Integrated with Service Insertion Technology

NetScaler 1000V will be integrated into the Cloud Network Services framework through vPath, and will be an important differentiator against other application delivery controllers (ADCs) products.

vPath is a component of the Cisco Nexus 1000V Virtual Switch. It directs traffic to appropriate virtual service nodes, such as firewalls or ADCs. This is done in the right order for each application, independent of network topology or network services location, and results in greater application mobility and more reliable service delivery.

Reduced Overall Deployment Costs

NetScaler 1000V helps control costs by using processing capacity already in place, including existing virtualized servers and associated resources. Multiple NetScaler 1000V instances can be deployed on a single server or Cisco Nexus 1100 appliance to optimize hardware infrastructure usage, without creating dependence on specific server hardware.

Specifications at a Glance

Layer 4 load balancing:

  • Protocols supported: TCP, UDP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS (TCP and UDP), SIP (over UDP), RTSP, RADIUS, DIAMETER, SQL, RDP, and IS-IS
  • Algorithms: Round Robin, Least Packets, Least Bandwidth, Least Connections, Response Time, Hashing (URL, Domain, Source IP, Destination IP, and CustomID), SNMP-provided metric, Server Application State Protocol (SASP)
  • Session persistence: Source IP, cookie, server, group, SSL session, SIP CALLID, token-based, and JSESSIONID
  • Session protocols: TCP, UDP, SSL_TCP, Multipath TCP, and SPDY
  • Server monitoring: Ping, TCP, URL, ECV, scriptable health checks, and Dynamic Server Response Time
  • Link load balancing
  • Citrix Branch Repeater load balancing

Layer 7 content switching:

  • Policies: URL, URL Query, URL Wildcard, Domain, Source/Destination IP, HTTP Header, Custom, HTTP and TCP Payload Values, and UDP
  • Switch requests based on protocol of incoming packets

Database load balancing

  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
  • Switching algorithms include SQL query parameters, such as user and database names, plus command parameters
  • Token-based load balancing provides advanced configuration for persistence and fault tolerant deployments

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For more information on the Citrix NetScaler 1000V, please reach out to your Cisco sales/partner community.