Looking to deliver a HDX policy to a subset of machines across Delivery Groups/Delivery Group types and OUs (the three well known machine filters)? well there is a very simple way to do this…

Using the Tag filter you can apply any HDX policy to a logical grouping of tagged machines:

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To make use of the tag filter, tags have to exist and be associated with machines. At the end of the day, we’re looking to push a policy out to a group of machines that share the same tag so even if the tag exists in the DB, the policy won’t be applied unless the specific machines themselves have been tagged to match.

Clicking on the drop down box below when assigning the tag filters to a policy will display all available tags for the site:

Note: These tags won’t appear by magic! They have to be manually created….

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So now that everyone understands how to assign tag filters to policies and the relationship between the tag filters and tagged machines lets look at how we create and assign tags to machines:

Tags can be created and assigned to machines in one of two ways:

1. Through Desktop/Citrix Studio

2. Through PoSH

The simplest and easiest way to do this is through the Console where the creation of the tag and assignment to a machine can be done in one simple step i.e. Highlight machine and select Add tag from the actions menu or right click on machine and select Add Tag:

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To view all available tags in the site you can use the Get-BrokerTag cmdlet:

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To carry out the same action through PoSH requires multiple steps:

1. Create a new tag using the New-BrokerTag cmdlet:

New-BrokerTag -Name <Executive>

2. Associate a new or existing tag using the Add-BrokerTag cmdlet:

$desktop = Get-BrokerDesktop -uid 1

Add-BrokerTag -Name Executive -desktop $desktop

To view the new relationship through PoSH you can follow the example below to only return the relevent information:

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Machine Tagging was first introduced in XD5 and is one of the ways to logically group and identify resources i.e (machines and applications).  As you have seen above, the tags themselves are simple strings that can be associated with machines/applications.

Once resources have been logically grouped together using tags, the tags themselves can be used in many different ways. As discussed above, machine tags can be used to provide extended control when applying HDX Policys but tags can be used in many other ways including:

-refining machine/application searches through Studio/Director

-restricting user access through exclusion filters defined through the Site Access Policy (Get-BrokerAccessPolicyRule/Set-BrokerAccessPolicy -Name

I plan to revist this topic at a later date and cover the use of tags to restric users access to resources but for now I hope this introduction to machine tagging and the value add in relation to HDX Policies has been helpfull.

Final Note:
In case your wondering, tags support the asterisk (*) wildcard…

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