Have you ever seen something in eDocs and wondered how you could get it changed? Or did you find something there that helped and you wanted to let the team know?

You can do that.

Ever since we rolled out eDocs, we’ve had eDocs feedback. It allows our readers to submit questions, requests, and compliments directly to us. The best part is that we actually read and respond to every request.

The system was changed a couple of months ago and the form changed a little bit.

To submit feedback, click the Give Us Feedback button in the lower right corner of eDocs.

When you do, you’ll get a form that asks if the issue is related to content or to the website.

Describe your issue, including as much detail as possible. When you click send, you’re asked for your contact information:

While the contact details are optional, we ask that you include them. That way, if we have questions about your query, we can follow up with you. We also use the contact information to let you know we’ve received your query and to let you know when we’ve resolved the issue.

For those who’ve already used the system, we thank you! We appreciate your time and effort to help us make eDocs better.