Awesome view from Westin New Orleans and great sessions with Americas SEs and consulting for Citrix ServTech Congress. Similar to the sessions at ServTech Madrid for Europe region the product teams connect with SEs in the Americas regions in one place to provide update on products and do workshops that would expand SEs and consulting teams on their product knowledge and other skills needed to further advanced are awesome Citrix folks.

It’s great to meet new folks and folks that have been in Citrix community for a long time to flesh out ideas and different perspective from their regions and their customers.

Some sessions that really hit the mark are the following:

– HDX Insight for XenApp/XenDesktop environments definitely commanded attention with standing room only with all the visibility needed in XA/XD environments.

– XenMobile with NetScaler solution update also carries the buzz and worth the standing only session.  Whether the audience was for XenApp/XenDesktop or consulting audience or with networking folks, all the sessions for XenMobile were hoppin’.

– Software Defined Networking – SDN top the sessions since it is sexy and newly applicable for the networking audience.  This helped capped with NetScaler SDX session update on the latest we have and how we can further advanced our technologies.

– Same goes for security and authentication sessions that really gave some insights on some customer use cases  and showcase NerScaler security capabilities.

As our audience for next Summit or Synergy events, it would great to hear your comments on topics you want to hear.  Feel free to provide comments below.