For those who don’t know where the tech term “Spam” came from, let’s just say it’s closer to the jelly-like meat substitute than you might imagine.  The Monty Python related sketch, although hilarious, actually is a great (or nasty depending on how you look at it) metaphor for the huge amount of emails, tweets and text messages we don’t want, wasting vast amounts of time and energy.

To make matters worse, spam also can be laced with horrific little viruses that can do anything from annoying pop-ups to more villainous activity like stealing your identity.  A good friend of mine just recently suffered the frustration of a great spam/hacker who decided to infect her PC, take the password data from it use it to attempt a login to her credit card account.  These types of cyber crime add up to billions of dollars (and euros – Europe is certainly not exempt) in losses each year.

So what’s a body to do?  Well if you are utilizing a service from one of the many Citrix Service Providers around the world, they take the bite out of wasted time (and criminal activity) by using secure systems developed by Citrix.  In his recent interview, Kurt Roemer (Chief Security Officer at Citrix) talks about the current Bring Your Own (Device) or BYO trends and how this only adds to the issues described above. 

But fear not, Citrix has a solution for the problem regardless of whether you are a large enterprise or a small/mid size business getting your apps and desktops online.  Service Providers using Citrix technology can provide secure apps, data and desktops (without nasty spam and viruses) too! Hint:  In Kurt’s video just replace the word “Enterprise or IT” with “Service Provider”.

If you are a Service Provider don’t underestimate the value of a locked down environment where your subscribers know they don’t have to worry about the spam-man.  This in addition to apps, data and desktops as a service will propel a value proposition to radically increase your ARPU.  And we know that BYO in the Service Provider space is just another acronym for what subscribers have always done… choice of device is the key in the world of subscriber acquisition and retention.  Without it, you’re doomed!  So plan for it and use the technology that’s been giving hundreds of thousands of subscribers secure access through the Citrix Service Provider program.