The Dell Ophelia “thin client on a stick” device, coming soon to a XenDesktop near you!

Blog Entry Authored by: Jeff Biehle, Director of Strategic Alliances, Dell

As more users move to mobile products, Dell is transforming themselves to become an end-to-end solutions provider and overcoming misperceptions that they are “just a PC company”.  As is usual with strategic changes in direction, there is still a bit of uncertainty and additional required definition for goals and objectives. As part of the Citrix alliance management team responsible for the Dell partnership, I have been asked repeatedly by colleagues, friends and family on how this will affect the Dell-Citrix alliance.  Isn’t all the craziness impairing our partnership?

The answer is an emphatic “NO”.  If anything, the Dell-Citrix alliance is stronger now than it ever has been.  Dell fully understands and has embraced the tectonic shift to mobile computing while working to provide a “PC-like” experience for their customers.  As such, they know that Citrix is a key partner in addressing this enormous opportunity.  Dell has consistently shown us over the past year how serious they are about becoming a formidable mobile workstyles solution provider:

  • At Citrix Synergy last May, Dell launched more joint solutions than any previous Synergy, culminating in a “Best of Synergy” award for their DVS Enterprise Integrated Storage solution based on XenDesktop, bringing the hardware cost to less than $200 per user.
  • We currently have multiple solutions in development to be rolled out over the next 6-9 months, taking advantage of each other’s technological advances such as high-end graphics (including integration with Nvidia’s new GRID architecture), unified communications with Lync 2013 integration, and Dell’s recently announced Ophelia project.
  • There are several projects underway that are addressing easier and more cost-effective deployment of desktop virtualization solutions, two of our joint customers’ primary issues.
  • Dell and Citrix are embarking on multi-phased market development programs to increase breadth and depth of mobile workstyles adoption.

There are some really cool things coming from us in the next few months, and many more in the long term. Stay tuned—this is just beginning!