Admitting that you have a problem is the first step.

My problem? Getting in the car, setting my iPhone Pandora app to the Jason Mraz channel and letting it run. And run. And run. Even if I’m not actually listening (sorry, Jason).

OK, maybe it’s not really a problem for me. But it’s kind of a problem for my wireless provider. Why? After all, it’s just an itsy bitsy 96 kbps or 56 kbps stream, right? That’s nothing compared to streaming Mad Men, right? Well, yes and no. It is true that, for a given duration, Internet radio consumes a lot less bandwidth than video but people like (ahem) me listen to it for hours and hours on end. It adds up. That stresses the mobile network (and may stress your bank account when you pay your wireless bill).

As we reported in the most recent Citrix ByteMobile Mobile Analytics Report and infographic, mobile music is booming, especially in North America, where as much as 12 percent of data traffic on mobile networks is associated with Internet radio. And Apple hasn’t even launched its highly anticipated iTunes Radio service yet (though it’s rumored that the launch will be in September).

Fortunately for our mobile operator customers (more than 130 of them!), Citrix has got The Remedy. Our customers use the ByteMobile platform to manage the impact of my behavior (and yours) on their networks, while simultaneously ensuring that my experience (and yours) is as good as it can possibly be given bandwidth available to me at any given time. So the operator is happy and I’m happy. I never even ask, “should I stay or should I go?” That makes the operator even happier.

We’ll have more to say about Internet Radio very soon.

But that’s not all.

Let’s revisit Mad Men. The same Internet Radio problem we just talked about occurs with video, too. Way back in 2009, the ByteMobile Smart Capacity solution was the first in the industry to help mobile operators manage the video deluge, while making the experience even better for their subscribers. In fact, that experience is so good that some of our customers have even built entertaining marketing campaigns around it, as you can see here.

As you might expect, the Citrix elves have been working on making that video experience better. Yes, even better. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until Christmas to find out how. But you do have to stay-ay-ay just a little bit longer.

Oh, just one more thing. Believe it or not, mobile operators monitor, measure and score your experience in real-time. They measure things like web page download time, video bit rate, how long it took your video to start and how often your video stalled. Then they make continuous, minor adjustments – on a time scale of milliseconds – to tune the network so as to maximize your unique experience. They conduct that measuring and scoring with a Citrix technology known as User Experience Indexing (UXI) and they carry out that tuning using ByteMobile platform features such as adaptive optimization.

The thing is, the network is always changing and, let’s face it, as a mobile network user, your expectations continue to rise. So Citrix has really stepped things up (turned it up to eleven, if you will).

Stay tuned to the Citrix station for more!