A common question we’ve had with each release of eDocs is how to tie the content to specific tasks our readers want to get done. Competing requirements and interests have made this tricky at times and it’s just as frustrating for our writing team as it is for our readers. The authors want the content to be useful and to help the readers get their work done. And we know our readers are busy and need to get things done quickly.

In XenDesktop 7, we took a new approach that we hope you find helpful. We created a page called “How Do I?” The intent is that if you can’t readily tie the task you’re looking for to an eDocs topic or search, you can find it in this list.

How Do I page from eDocs

We can also morph this list into a FAQ. Some have started referring to it that way already. The important thing is that it’s useful and provides a way for our readers to find information quickly.

Have you used the How Do I? page? Did it help? Were you disappointed not to find something there?

If you’d like something added to the list, please use the Give Us Feedback button in the lower right corner of the eDocs page to make a request.