Lets start with Why ..

If your an ISV that wants to gain business customers and credibility, getting your app Worx enabled means that Citrix IT customers will be able to discover, deploy and manage your app within the Citrix XenMobile solution.  This means isolating apps and associated data inside the secure MDX container adding a layer of security and policy that IT demands. For example a Worx app can share data or copy and paste only with other Worx enabled apps, as well as have IT defined policies enforced and allow selective wipe for BYOD environments. Many ISV apps can also benefit from the microVPN that is enabled with Worx and allow secure access to data behind the firewall without sending data to a cloud service that some organizations may object to.

Get Your App Visibility .. 

The Citrix Worx App Gallery highlights app descriptions, ratings, videos, and leads ! Plus there is no cost or rev share from the ISV. The Worx App Gallery is linked directly from the XenMobile admin console where IT is configuring new apps for employees. Many ISV apps will also get preloaded in the Citrix Virtual Demo Center. This means that the army of Citrix Sales reps and 10,000 solution providers will be demoing XenMobile along with these featured ISV apps to interested IT organizations world wide.  The Citrix install base of 260,000 companies is a great place to start expanding virtual infrastructure to ” secure” native mobile apps.

How to Get Worx Enabled is Easy..

For Android apps the process can be as simple as joining the Citrix Ready Program and submitting your APK for Citrix to wrap and test. If desired, ISVs can wrap and sign their app and provide Citrix the MDX file ( provided by the app prep “wrapping” tool  ) to host on the App Gallery. From there IT can download into their XenMobile environment and set the policies they want.

For iOS apps the process includes joining the program and downloading the Worx SDK. Then using the included Worx framework the developer needs only to add a line of code into their existing app. The app is then signed & compiled by the ISV and tested. At that point the IPA is prepped with the App prep tool and the MDX file is generated.  Both the IPA and MDX file gets sent to Citrix for validation and upon confirmation the IPA gets sent to Apple for hosting in the Apple App Store, and the MDX file is hosted in the Gallery. For users this is all transparent , they just see the icons of the apps approved for them by IT, they click on the icon and the app gets installed.  ISV’s that have been though the process report that it generally take a day to get familiar with the process and another day to test. Some have reported the process took less than an hour. We have also heard many stories of alternative platform SDKs that turned into many month long projects.

A unique feature that Citrix also provides ISV’s is the option to modify an existing app where the added code is only engaged if the WorxHome app is resident on the device and managed by IT. If WorxHome is not present, then the app works as before with no impact. As a result there is no need for an additional SKU and associated maintenance. Optionally ISV’s can also choose to build a dedicated “App for Worx ” which could target the enterprise specifically. In this case the app can only run in a XenMobile managed state.

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Citrix Ready Worx Verified Program 

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