EE recently released a Mobile Living Index reporting on data usage on their LTE network. In their survey 43 per cent of respondents were using “fewer or no public wifi hotspots” since moving to the technology and 23 per cent said they were using their home broadband less since switching to LTE.

At the same time, LTE is driving increased video consumption. EE’s Mobile Living Index reports that Youtube was 14% of 4G traffic, while Comscore reports that video consumption on smartphones is increasing rapidly in the EU.  It should be noted that LTE has been launched in all 5 of these countries within the last 2 years, and in an interview published August 7, 2013, Vodafone UK CEO Guy Laurence stated “4G finally has a reason and that is entertainment”.

Along similar notes, the Financial Times reported last week that 38 per cent of smartphone owners regularly watch videos on their device, and ~10% watch full-length television programmes (“Tiny screens are growing in importance for television viewers – login required).

Video Consumption from Smartphones - Comscore