SysTrack has always been a great intelligence tool for Citrix deployments, helping organizations determine the best desktop and application virtualization models to deploy.  With the recent addition of XenClient, SysTrack has increased its coverage for the mobile workforce.

XenClient 5, a part of XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum, allows mobile workers to seamlessly work across laptops, tablets and smartphones using their virtual desktop – hosted or local – along with their files and documents.

Mobile workers use multiple devices – laptops, smartphones and tablets – in the office and on the road. They expect their desktop and their data to be available wherever they need to work. VDI has helped drive mobile workstyles, but when users need the full power of their laptop, or need to work offline, a local virtual desktop is often more appropriate – and now SysTrack can help identify those use cases.

While people sometimes think of XenClient as a solution for “disconnected” operations, the reality is that it’s about getting a fast, local desktop experience when users are on an intermittent or inconsistent network.  The disconnected scenario really does not exist today given the broad reach of wireless connectivity.  However, it is quite common for users to be on inconsistent network connections, and this is quite often the case for mobile laptop users.