With the latest XenDesktop release we added an extra treat for our platinum customers, which has generated a good demand around unified virtual desktop and application delivery solutions. Most of the time AppDNA is heavily associated as a tool for resolving technical challenges, for a good reason. There is no doubt that applications are the most painful part on the process of implementing new platforms.

Overcoming the application headache is of course important as application failure means also risk for business and non-productive day at the office. In some cases the lost task because of failed application can be very expensive.

The above statement is the most common sales argument when we try to convince our customers to use AppDNA during their migrations. Actually, almost everyone I know or I have spoken with about AppDNA, is expecting the ROI to come from schedule improvements generated by accelerated remediation. After dozens or even hundreds of PoC´s, even we (we including myself) product specialists fall in to this very simple pitfall which you can avoid only by gaining experience on bigger picture of the project.

Remember, we took a step towards unified solution by bundling part of AppNDA with XenDesktop and XenApp. It also means that focus is not anymore on just application delivery, it is about delivering a solution which includes full infrastructures. You could easily figure out infrastructures being complex and you need architect, right? It is true that you need architect, but…

By experience I can say that deciding the right delivery method for your applications is complex only because you THINK it is complex.

There is two ways for deciding, right and wrong, difference between the two is very simple:

–          Right decision will minimize cost and effort while meeting the expected user experience.

–          Wrong decision usually means reduced user experience, and always exceeded cost and effort.

It is needless to say that you should think only about the user because it is the individual who is using the solution, the solution which is important for keeping business moving.

The usual way of delivering the applications on compatible platform, means you are using delivery infrastructure as remediation action and forcing the users to your technical solution. I guess everyone would prefer seamless IT instead of inconvenient solution.

But where the value of AppDNA comes from if it is so simple?