The handy XenDesktop 7 Reviewer’s Guide has received great feedback from customers and partners starting their evaluations of the most popular XenDesktop release ever. With more than 3,000 views you won’t want to miss out the # 1 technical resource on the Citrix Knowledge Base. Be sure to download it today and continue reading to find out how simple it really is to use XenDesktop.

It’s simple to get started
The XenDesktop 7 Reviewer’s Guide has made it even simpler to get started with the most popular XenDesktop release ever. It takes just a couple of hours to experience the simplified and unified desktop and app administration, once you have the base virtual machines ready.

Don’t delay
Using copious screenshots and a highly simplified, scenario-based approach, this guide takes you step-by-step through XenDesktop 7 download, installation, configuration and management tasks. You will deliver applications, VDI desktops, and hosted shared desktops to fully appreciate the new unified FlexCast management architecture. Using Citrix Receiver from mobile devices such as the iPad tablet and laptops, it walks you through the advanced HDX Mobile features.

The 90-day, 99-user free evaluation license provides a great opportunity to get comfortable with the changes and enhancements in #XenDesktop7 at your own pace, in your own environment.

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