In a recent web event, key leaders from Citrix, Cisco and NetApp gathered to discuss the fruits of a great, multi-year partnership.  The three companies have come together to deliver a unique desktop virtualization platform to the marketplace – a solution which includes Citrix XenDesktop 7, Cisco UCS and NetApp storage in an integrated FlexPod architecture.

The video event includes a panel of distinguished executives including Bob Schultz, Group VP & GM, Desktop and Applications Group, Citrix, Jim McHugh, VP of Unified Computing Marketing at Cisco, Patrick Rogers, Vice President, Solutions and Integrations Group, NetApp, moderated by Thomas DeMeo, Senior Director of Product Management for the Desktop and Applications group; they explained the benefits of this compelling end-to-end solution.  I point to the video above so that the reader can get the details directly, because that is much more interesting than reading it in a blog, but I will point out some of the highlights here.

First of all, at whom is this information targeted?  Well if you are an IT professional or decision maker with any of the following initiatives or concerns in mind, you should take a closer look:

  • Windows XP (or even Win7) migration – do you have a looming, expensive and all too familiarly painful refresh cycle coming?
  • BYOD – are executives banging at your door to demand access to corporate resources from their brand new, shiny devices that they just purchased?  Or worse – have you already given some people access and the rest want in?
  • Mobility – is your workforce increasingly mobile?  Do they need access to their workspace wherever they happen to be?
  • Talent retention – do you want to attract and retain the best possible talent to your workplace?  Do you want to provide them with a completely flexible work environment that enables anytime, anywhere access from any device a user chooses with an excellent overall end-to-end experience?
  • Intellectual property containment – do you have pressure from either internal or external sources to ensure that sensitive corporate or customer data are safe and secure?
  • Modularity – are you looking for a system that is rock-solid, proven and designed to scale modularly with your needs as you grow your deployment?
  • Agility – do need a flexible solution that is easy to deploy, manage and grow and provides you with a future-proof agility to manage complexity and change as you go?
  • User experience – will the solution you choose provide users with the best possible end-to-end experience on any device accessing any app including those that a graphics-intensive?
  • Simplicity – are you worried about too many moving parts?  Looking for a system that is pre-tested and proven to work for deployments from hundreds to hundreds-of-thousands of users, that includes pre-validated design documentation?

If you answered ‘yes’, ‘maybe’ or ‘duh’ to any of these questions then you owe it to yourself to check out the virtual event.  For further reading I urge you to also take a look at the Citrix partner sites for Cisco and NetApp.