Hi everyone and welcome to the long overdue reboot of the XD Tipster series of blogs which I started back in 2011.

The new blogs which I hope to release on a weekly basis going forward will fall under the existing XD Tipster moniker and over time should group together nicely to act as a comprehensive resource of training material, tips, insights & PoSH usage examples for the XenDesktop enthusiast.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Mick Glover and I am a senior technical trainer with Citrix Systems. I am based out of Dublin\Ireland and as part of my job i.e. developing and delivering training to our support engineers worldwide, I often have the luxury of time to play with the product and figure out some pretty cool things and it’s my experience working with the product and the knowledge I have gained through countless discussions with our engineering team that I want to share with the broader XenDesktop community going forward…

So, now that I have hopefully piqued your interest, I hope you’ll look forward to the continuation of this series (remember, each entry will include the XD Tipster tag) and actively get involved through the comments section of each blog.

Best Regards
Mick Glover (aka XD Tipster)
Senior Readiness Specialist, Worldwide Support Readiness [EMEA]
Citrix Systems, Inc.