Did you know you can download PDFs from eDocs? Did you also know that those PDFs contain the most up-to-date content in eDocs?

You can get a PDF at any level of the document. Did you just want the system requirements or the known issues? You can get a PDF for that.

Did you want the whole admin guide for XenDesktop 7? You can get a PDF for that.

Select the node on the left and click the PDF button to create a PDF of everything in that node.

In XenDesktop 7, we tried a new approach and linked directly to the “Admin Guide”, the “Upgrade Guide”, and the “Install Guide” from the product download page. Whether you download one of those guides the day of the release or 100 days later, you will get the most current information available in eDocs. That’s because the PDFs are re-generated in response to eDocs updates. We call it on-the-fly PDFs. Every time we receive eDocs feedback, we respond. Sometimes that response is to update the content with revised or additional information.
And when you click the PDF button in eDocs, you can be confident that you’ve got the most current content available that day.