Attention Partners: there’s currently a special deal on licenses for Citrix XenServer 6.2, the first fully open source version of this product. By implementing a XenServer 6.2 solution, you’ll only help your customers save, but also provide them a seamless path to cloud computing when they’re ready to migrate. Learn more about the value of open source XenServer and how it supports ongoing, collaborative development of the technology, which will continue to benefit everyone.

A company open sources its software and gives it away, yet ultimately achieves broader market penetration and increased sales. It seems counter-intuitive, but Citrix believes that’s just what will occur with XenServer 6.2, the first fully open source version of the product.

By open sourcing XenServer and making it freely available while also offering a supported, paid, commercial version, Citrix aims to achieve the following:

  • Attract small and mid-size businesses and cloud providers interested in the free version, thus broadening the market reach of XenServer
  • Address the growing second source hypervisor market opportunity in the cloud and datacenter, where IT administrators are looking for lower priced, but feature complete alternatives to more expensive hypervisors like VMware
  • Encourage upgrades to the commercial version by offering the “insurance policy” of Citrix software maintenance, knowledge base and other benefits
  • Help partners sell the commercial product with simplified, per-CPU-socket pricing (aligned with cloud and virtualization industry practice) and a single edition instead of several, as well as competitive pricing

Equally important, open source gives partners, developers and customer’s full, public visibility into the ongoing development and future of XenServer, leading to enhanced collaboration, new functionality and exciting third-party innovations – such as the NVIDIA vGPU Grid technology shown at Synergy. The community portal provided by Citrix offers source code access and collaboration opportunities.

Scott Lindars, Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Platforms Group, commented, “I like to compare this approach to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a commercial version, as opposed to freely available Linux. People can choose the basic, open source product but many will opt for the supported version as protection for their enterprise environments.”

Cloud strategy

At a strategic level, Citrix wants to showcase XenServer as the best platform for customers that are migrating to or adopting a cloud strategy. With XenServer in place, organizations initially focused on server or desktop virtualization in their own datacenters will be able to seamlessly move their important workloads to the cloud.

Special pricing through end of year

To align with the Citrix XenServer 6.2 launch, Citrix has designated promotional pricing of $199 on new XenServer 6.2 annual licenses for a limited time. Qualification for promotional pricing requires customers to purchase an annual XenServer 6.2 license plus software maintenance contract. This promotion became available to all customers on July 25, 2013, and is available through December 31, 2013. All standard discount programs apply. Note that this pricing promo cannot be used for XenServer 6.2 perpetual licenses or any other version of XenServer.

Further information regarding this special promotion can be found in the Partner Notification Document , along with other resources including key messages, FAQs and talking points to XenServer 6.2 and the open source strategy. Visit the XenServer Success Kit today.

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