Worx Home for iOS version 8.5.1 has released to iTunes.  This maintenance release addresses the following items:

  1. Single SignOn to the ShareFile application
  2. Upgrade from 7.1 client to 8.5 – There are several customers that skipped a release of the client.  This is not a supported scenarios, but we addressed.  The supported clients are n-1.
  3. App Store name change to “Worx Home by Citrix” – As many of you have noted, searching for Citrix in the App Store did not return the Worx Home client.  Apple does not allow a keyword to include a company name, we had to put Citrix in the name to make it searchable.  This does not change the name when installed, it is still Worx Home.
  4. Authentication Looping Issue – There are instances where the authentication between Worx Home and a MDX application causes a looping effect for authentication.   We have addressed the significant components of this issue.

Thanks for you help