Today, Citrix officially releases XenClient Enterprise 5, marking the first milestone in unifying its hosted and local virtual desktops using Personal vDisk and Citrix Profile Management. Watch the XenClient Enterprise 5 video to see how this core pillar of XenDesktop enables IT to centrally manage and secure corporate laptops and PCs — while providing unprecedented personalization capabilities for end users.

XenClient Enterprise 5 extends the benefits of desktop virtualization to corporate laptops and also offers device management where organizations are using PCs, turning PCs into virtual appliances for touch-free management.  It also enables “work from anywhere, anytime” – on slow, intermittent or no network access.

XenClient Enterprise 5 (included within XenDesktop® Enterprise and Platinum editions) offers: 

  • Profile synchronization between local and hosted virtual desktops – so users can seamlessly work from any device using their hosted desktops or on the road with their laptop.
  • Personal vDisk technology, enabling users to install their own apps while admins can continue to update and control the base image.
  • Flexibility and productivity for users (to work regardless of the quality of the network connection) with complete centralized control for IT.

XenClient works seamlessly with XenDesktop with tools like Citrix Profile Management and ShareFile, enabling you to cover a broader set of use cases around mobile workstyles. Contact a XenClient expert if you have any questions or want to learn more.

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