New! Citrix is pleased to announce the integration of lead management with your Citrix Leads and Rewards account!

Now, when you execute a campaign in Citrix Marketing Concierge and tie it to a landing page, leads are not only captured in your CMC account, they’re also populated in your Leads and Rewards account for you to accept and register.

How does it work?
When your customer fills out the landing page delivered by Citrix Marketing Concierge and clicks submit, the lead data is captured and will show up in your account within 24 hours.

Will Citrix receive my leads?
No. Citrix will never receive your leads as sales leads. All leads are pre-assigned and designated to the partner launching the email campaign via Citrix Marketing Concierge. In addition, Citrix has no visibility into these leads. They will be yours to accept and register.

How does this benefit me?
Previously, the leads you captured through Citrix Marketing Concierge only resided in the lead reporting from within the CMC platform, making it challenging for partners to manage multiple sites for leads. Now, you can receive all of your Citrix leads in one place where you can accept or return the lead, register the lead for a partner reward and monitor all progress of your incentive registrations and payments.

How do I get started?
To get started, access Citrix Marketing Concierge at:

If you haven’t used Citrix Marketing Concierge before, you are missing all of the benefits of using Citrix-related campaign materials, promoting and executing your live or virtual events, leveraging marketing services with Citrix certified vendors and much more! What are you waiting for? Generate leads, maximize your marketing efforts and increase your pipeline with Citrix Marketing Concierge!

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