Today is August 8, 2013 and summer is in full swing.  During my personal time off I decided to go to Costco Wholesale, you know the only place where you can buy 5 lbs of pickles and a gigantic tub of mustard to feed your family for the duration of a lifetime  without ever having to go back.  Well, I mean at least until the expiration date is passed on the item.  Fast forward –> My shopping cart is full of unnecessary items, but who can argue the fact that one does not require 300 granola bars and $500.00 in other items? =) BTW, why is it that “WE” as consumers buy unnecessary items from places like Costco?

Once inventory shrinks on an item, they typically will shut down the aisle and ask one of their subject mater experts (SME’s) with a Forklift certification to assist with pulling more inventory down from the top shelf.

Now this a normal procedure, but can be quite frustrating for a shopper or what we like to call a “user”, who is there to grab a few items and has to stick around for an extra 5-10 minutes.  Having witnessed this live and seeing the frustration on a few “users” faces that walked away had me thinking about how much revenue is being lost.  Maybe it’s really only a few US Dollars to Costco at that given time, but take the same scenario if you shut down several aisles in all of their locations?  Is this considered slow performance or downtime?  What if this were to happen on your e-commerce website? Reports have shown that websites as fast as they seem during peak times are still quite slow and experience load issues which result in many factors such as:

  • Competition Infiltration
  • Loss of Repeat Purchasing & Customer Loyalty
  • Negative Brand Equity
  • Impaired Employee Productivity
  • 100% Loss of Pay-Per-Click Spending
 We live in a social world!  Issues with your online property could result in your brand being hit with negative reviews!

As we approach the 2H of 2013 full planning is well underway to make sure that web properties who rely on the holiday season as their primary income source do make the investment to increase additional infrastructure that allow for users to have the much needed happy online shopping experience. Standard practice if you are using an ADC/ load balancer that is not NetScaler.  Why Forklift new infrastructure when you can increase performance with a simple license key.  Every heard of ScaleUp?  Citrix TriScale technology scales and secures cloud services, achieving 100 percent network utilization. IT teams can build enterprise cloud networks that can scale UP performance 5x without ever having to change or Forklift new infrastructure.

Pay-As-You-Grow elasticity

Pay-As-You-Grow is a simple licensing model that provides 5x faster performance on demand, with no new hardware for better investment protection.

Deploy only what you need

No need for expensive hardware refreshes to increase performance. Eliminate costly over-provisioning to make sure that current equipment will meet future requirements. There is a better approach: buy only what you need today, then easily scale up your network as demand grows with a simple software license upgrade.

Instantaneously upgrade performance for transient traffic spikes during peak season

Citrix NetScaler Burst Packs offer even more flexibility. Burst Packs enable you to convert an existing NetScaler MPX hardware or VPX virtual appliance deployment to the highest performance available for the particular platform for enhanced capacity for up to 90 days. This allows you to provision only the necessary performance for durations of limited peak traffic, reducing capital and operational expenses, lengthy procurement cycles and installation times for new appliances.

Only NetScaler offers this unique combination of Pay-As-You-Grow and Burst Packs licenses for the ultimate flexibility in capacity expansion on-demand.

Consider NetScaler for your website/ ecommerce requirements and keep those “users” happy!

The moral of the story is NEVER go to Costco on an empty stomach!