Most of, if not all, Citrix Consulting engagements that involve the Build & Test step will include automation, especially when you are dealing with tens and hundreds of XenApp servers.

Today, at a customer site, we faced an issue when the PowerShell script used to automate the XenApp 6.5 installation and configuration failed. Since it was used on many servers, we started to wonder what was the difference with this “new” server…

The XenApp configuration is straight forward in this custom script: the XML service registred on 8080, a SQL Mirrored database, failed with an explicit message in the log :

MainDataModel.SetXmlServiceSettings(SkipXmlSetting: False, ShareXmlServicePortWithInetServices: False)
Exception: XML service port 8080 is not available.

After some investigation, it turned out the script was used to deploy a test server, a physical IBM x3650. This server comes with a IBM ServerRAID 8k card and the port for the management software is listening on port 8080…

So, if you use a physical IBM server, don’t forget to make sure the XML port you choose (if you don’t use the Session Host mode) will not be conflicting with existing management software on the machine.