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Partners, find out how you can help your customers deploy cloud-based Citrix XenApp 6.5 licenses with the low-cost, high-availability option of Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2). XenApp 6.5 is fully supported by Citrix when running on the AWS platform.

Customers can use existing annual, perpetual or monthly subscription licenses to deploy cloud-based XenApp 6.5 licenses on AWS EC2.

While helping your customers more quickly leverage the XenApp licenses they have purchased, deploying XenApp on AWS has three other benefits:

Savings on capital costs: 
AWS EC2 server instances provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in the cloud. When operating costs are fully accounted for, the IaaS alternative is often far less costly than purchasing and maintaining hardware in a corporate datacenter. Expenses can be as low as $0.01/user/hour when using approaches such as AWS reserved instances.

Reducing setup and configuration times: 
Substantial XenApp farms can be automatically invoked and configured with Citrix tools. Setup of hundreds or thousands of seats can be accomplished in minutes instead of hours.

Minimizing risk: 
Citrix offers community-sourced tools, documentation and support to help simplify customer deployment on AWS EC2. This approach requires no change to quantity or pricing of their XenApp 6.5 licenses.

Learn more about XenApp on AWS with the sales reference card on Sales Knowledge Base and onwww.citrix.com/amazon.

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