One of the more interesting features of Citrix AppDNA application compatibility software is Forward Path. Not only can one customize the logic and really go beyond what AppDNA provides out of the box, but on top of that assign certain actions based on the results.

What makes Forward Path so mysterious to some (aside from the required scripting skills), is that to be able to appreciate its full potential, one must make several components of AppDNA work together harmoniously. Simply put, Forward Path logic is simply a set of conditions based on results of one or more of the AppDNA algorithms, and assigns either a RAG value, or an Outcome value or both.  But Forward Path can be more than just providing a report, because one can assign Task Sequences based on Outcomes, say if the application is OK for App-V, then proceed in making an App-V Sequence, and if the application is OK for Windows 8, then use a third party packager to create a .MSI package for later deployment in your XenDesktop infrastructure. Or if it’s ok for XenApp, then create a .MSI package specific to Windows Server 2008 R2 so that all XenApp servers will use the same .MSI file during installation, ensuring uniformity across all XenApp servers. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination — and scripting skills!

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