You took the first step and received a validated Opportunity Registration.  Do you know what to do if you haven’t closed the sale within 90 days?

Sometimes it takes longer than expected to close a sale. That’s why Citrix allows partners to resubmit a validated Opportunity Registration before it expires.  The status of a validated Opportunity Registration changes to “expiring” 60 days after submission, and then to “expired” 30 days later.  If you are still certified for the Cloud networking products listed on the Opportunity Registration, you can resubmit it to Citrix while the status is “expiring.” This action extends the expiration date of your Opportunity Registration for an additional 90 days beyond the original expiration date. Note that an Opportunity Registration can only be resubmitted one time.  Once it has been resubmitted and extended once, if the sale has not closed but is still active, you will have to wait until it expires and then submit a new Opportunity Registration.

For more details about how to resubmit an expiring Opportunity Registration, log into Partner Central and use the Training Materials link on the home page of Leads and Rewards or the Additional Resources on the Citrix Opportunity Registration Program page.

Please reach out to Ron Bauman for further questions and comments regarding the new Opportunity Registration program.

Stay connected and up-to-date on all things Opp Reg. Read our recent blog on the important program updates: Opportunity Registration program updates.

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