Citrix XenDesktop 7 and Sanbolic Melio5 Make It Easier than Ever to Deploy Desktop and Application Virtualization in Today’s Mobile World

With the official release of Citrix XenDesktop 7 and Sanbolic’s next-generation data management platform Melio5, the two companies continue to lead the charge in the adoption of VDI in the enterprise, enabling customers of all sizes to deploy desktop and application virtualization faster, easier and with lower cost than ever before!

Built on the Flex Cast Management Architecture (FMA), Citrix XenDesktop 7 enables the automated delivery of desktops and applications from a unified management platform for a seamless user experience. Offering various tools to speed up application migration and mobilization as well as enhanced security to protect intellectual property and private data in hosted-shared (RDS) Windows Server and Windows desktop OS-based VDI environments, XenDesktop 7 allows Windows desktops and applications to be delivered as a (cloud) service easily and securely to any device over any network in order to maximize productivity in today’s mobile world.

Strikingly applicable and timely, Sanbolic, a long-time Citrix Ready partner and industry leader in distributed data management and software-defined storage, released the latest version of its flagship product, Melio5, last week. With an extensive list of enterprise-class features and capabilities including software-based RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60, storage live migration, dynamic volume expansion, QoS, snapshots, intelligent data placement, data Tiering, and synchronous and asynchronous replication (for DR across geographically distributed sites), Melio5 enables server-side scale-out storage architectures capable of providing storage economics akin to those found in large cloud datacenters such as Google and Facebook.

Using Melio5, Citrix XenDesktop 7 customers can build their own (customized) storage systems comprised of commodity server and storage hardware with Melio providing the full storage management capabilities typically found in higher-end storage arrays, but at lower cost and without vendor lock-in. Whether they choose high performance storage devices such as SSD or flash, or legacy storage devices such as FC, SAS or SATA, Melio5 brings high availability, high performance and dynamic scale to Citrix XenDesktop 7 deployments.

Should customers opt to create mixed or “hybrid” storage systems that include an assortment of storage devices, Melio5 provides “intelligent data placement” through a new feature called “Latency Targeted Allocator,” or “LTA” for short, which places data on particular storage media automatically based on file system access profiles. By placing random access data (frequent with VDI) on faster (low latency) storage and sequential data on higher capacity storage, Melio5 optimizes the performance-to-capacity ratio of a customer’s storage infrastructure, thus ensuring the most efficient and appropriate use of one’s valuable storage resources. The tangible benefit for XenDesktop customers: dramatically improved virtual desktop performance that assures users a rich desktop experience.

In addition to creating their own storage architectures that offer high availability, high performance and seamless scale-out for their desktop and application virtualization projects, organizations deploying XenDesktop 7 with Melio5 continue to realize the unique benefits afforded by previous versions of Melio:

  • Simplified image management – Enabling and extending the capabilities of Provisioning Services, a core component of XenDesktop, by enabling server and desktop OS image high availability and load-balancing, simplifying image management and maintenance, and significantly reducing storage capacity requirements to lower storage-related cost.
  • Database high availability  – Offering XenDesktop administrators a simple, cost-effective solution for protecting their XenDesktop 7 databases (configuration, monitoring, PVS, etc.) during SQL Server failures without the costs or complexities associated with Windows Failover Clustering, SQL replication or SQL mirroring.

Building on Melio’s proven track record of simplifying and enhancing the desktop and application virtualization infrastructures of hundreds of customers around the world, the combination of Citrix XenDesktop 7 and Sanbolic Melio5 make it easier than ever for organizations of all sizes to deploy desktop and application virtualization in order to achieve the highest levels of productivity in an increasingly mobile world.

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