Citrix is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of the ShareFile StorageZone Connectors for Microsoft SharePoint and network drives.  StorageZone Connectors, offered as part of the ShareFile Enterprise Edition, give users instant mobile access to data on existing network drives and Microsoft SharePoint document libraries.

The client software for Apple iPhone and iPad is now available in the Apple Store. The first update to the server software, known as the StorageZone Controller, is available on the Citrix My Account website. Android support is coming this summer.

Read the press release to learn more about this release and watch the demo to learn how easy it is to mobilize the data you already have. With ShareFile, there is no need to migrate or sync your SharePoint or network drive data for mobile access. The ShareFile StorageZone Connectors create a direct and secure connection to data in its original location.

Here is an architectural overview of the solution

The StorageZone Controller provides users with secure access to SharePoint document libraries and network file drives through StorageZones Connectors. Users log onto ShareFile from their mobile device and retrieve a list of enterprise data repositories, which may include network drives and SharePoint document libraries. After choosing an enterprise resource, the user authenticates with the StorageZone Controller using their company credentials, and is then able to enumerate and securely transfer files between the mobile device and the customer data center.

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