Like this spectacular view of Hong Kong where all the buildings are aligned nicely by the water, it is awesome to see the alignments of the engineering resources and security team to complete these two certifications at same time.  Great efforts to the NetScaler team in making this happen!

What does it mean to be Common Criteria certified?

It means that NetScaler 10 has passed all the stringent requirements/protection profiles to ensure that the software is really secure and uncover hidden vulnerabilities that one may not find in normal test cycles.  In addition to this extensive test process, documentation are also required to show how a product will meet all the protection profiles requirements and document the steps in making this happen.  This is a simplified summary but many resources behind this vast effort.  Here are links to the details in the Common Criteria process and where the certification will be posted:

What does it mean for NetScaler Application Firewall to be ICSA labs certified?

As referenced in the ICSA labs report, “not every product can achieve ICSA Labs Web Application Firewall Certification. Only those products that meet the criteria after undergoing rigorous testing by network security experts at ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon, earn this distinction”.   Although it was a long process and required engineering support through the test process, it goes to show that latest NetScaler 10 have meet the requirements to be Web Application Firewall ICSA labs certified.  This is now complete using the latest NetScaler 8000 series.

ICSA labs report for NetScaler Application Firewall posted here:

 May there be many more awesome moments to share as more projects complete!