Hello, partners. Today, I want to call your attention to the business case for using the Citrix Demo Center. We know you need to justify your investments in new tools, and the Demo Center really delivers value – in cost savings, productivity and competitive differentiation.  These benefits add to the technical advantages of a software demo. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a great demo is probably worth a million!

We’d love to hear from partners who are already using the Demo Center to effectively present, explain and sell Citrix solutions. So please join the discussion about this robust and newly updated capability.

A professional demo can make all the difference when you’re selling Citrix cloud, networking and virtualization solutions. However, it’s challenging and costly to build an effective, highly reliable demo environment that showcases a solution’s strengths and competitive differentiators. That’s why it makes perfect business sense to use the Citrix Demo Center instead of trying to design, build – and most importantly – maintain your own demo environment.

Full access to the Citrix Demo Center, which runs in SoftLayer’s cloud datacenters around the world, is available to partners as a monthly subscription service – billed directly from the cloud vendor.

Brilliant business case

Here’s why this model is so economical and practical:

  • Competitive advantage. The Demo Center keeps pace with the rapid changes in Citrix technology, which can be very difficult to do on your own. This ensures your team is demoing the very latest Citrix solutions, helping to set your business ahead of competitors.
  • Capital cost savings. Compared to investing capital in your own demo environment – hardware, software, staffing – the Demo Center is a tremendous bargain. And the monthly subscription model makes it easy to plan and budget.
  • Greater productivity. Maintaining your own demo environment typically requires taking a sales engineer out of the field to be a dedicated resource, which can negatively impact your deals. In contrast, you can empower rather than hamper your technical team by providing each SE with access to his or her own Demo Center environment.
  • Reduced TCO. The Demo Center cuts costs of your demo practice by freeing your business from ongoing updates, hardware refreshes, technical support and training Our Demo Center team takes care of maintaining, upgrading and supporting the environment so you don’t have to.

Adopt the “gold standard” of demo environments
The Demo Center was recently updated to version 2.0, with an intuitive interface, integrated login across all Citrix sites and an open architecture. These new capabilities, together with a focus on customer challenges rather than point products, differentiate the Demo Center from competitive offerings. For example, on July 12, the new Mobile Workstyles environment featuring Citrix XenDesktop 7 will go live. Other solutions include VDI, virtual desktop delivery, application migration, cloud connectivity, cloud networking and security.

Further, your Citrix solution demos will deliver high performance because SoftLayer maintains local datacenters around the world and provides exceptional bandwidth capacity.

Try it for free!
Special offers through the end of 2013 allow partners to try out the Demo Center at no charge. You can experience the capabilities of individual environments before upgrading to your Full Access subscription with SoftLayer, which allows you to provision multiple environments simultaneously, customize them and use them indefinitely. Subscription rates reflect deep discounts negotiated by Citrix to save you even more.

Get ready to show more demos to your customers with less cost and effort. Like all the best business solutions, the Citrix Demo Center is brilliantly simple. If you are interested in finding out more about the Citrix Demo Center please reach out to John Carver.

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