Hey Partners, your channel counterparts are speeding up their sales cycles with Dell’s new Citrix-based advisor tools, and you can too! I’m bringing you the all the buzz, plus ways to analyze your customer pain points and translate them into a complete desktop virtualization solution (DVS) including Citrix XenDesktop or Citrix VDI-in-a-Box. Read on and spread the word.

Reduce your sales cycle and achieve greater success with Citrix and Dell.  These free advisor tools help simplify and streamline VDI sizing for Dell DVS implementations.

According to Bruce Noe, a former Citrix engineer who is now a senior solution architect at MCPc, “In my 23 years in the IT industry, the Cloud Client Computing Partner Advisor is the first tool that allows me to accurately and rapidly configure the entire end-to-end desktop virtualization solution stack for my customers, which has helped me reduce my sales cycle times.”

Try them both today!

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