The much awaited Tech Preview of ‘Receiver for Linux 13.0’ is available for your evaluation. This is a major release for ‘Receiver for Linux’ that includes performance and functional enhancements, a greatly improved user experience and better integration options for partners. The Tech preview includes enhanced operation with XenDesktop 7.

Here are some of the new features available in the tech preview:

HDX technologies in this tech preview improve the user experience when using productivity apps, viewing multimedia files, and during audio and video conference calls.

Following the industry trend for ARM, we have introduced the ‘Receiver for Linux’ on ARMHF platform along with the existing ARMEL version

Over the course of the last year we have been working on optimizing the Receiver for ARM platform and providing SDK for SoC partners for HDX acceleration in hardware. We have further enhanced the SDK and made it available for both x86 and ARM platforms. The tech preview gives the opportunity for all ecosystem partners to leverage the SDK for integrating performance optimization on their device in addition to the generic software optimizations available in Receiver.

The new self-service UI is introduced in this tech preview. We also provide the options for customizing this new UI for your needs along with the SDK for building entirely new UI if you prefer to do that using our graphics assets and guidelines.

We are also introducing support for Citrix Storefront including access to all Windows Desktop and Apps as well as web and SaaS applications. This version also includes built in remote access via Netscaler Gateway.

The new graphics subsystem SDK provides the opportunity for partners to support the class of devices which don’t support X windows.

Refer the Readme available on the download page for more details on the features, SDK, install and configuration options. You can download the tech preview from here. Partners can get more information on HDX SoC SDK integration by enrolling on SoC Builders Community Portal.

Looking forward to your feedback on this tech preview which will help us bring quality to the final release.