PLUMgrid makes networking as easy as a click. PLUMgrid is reinventing networking with virtual network infrastructure, a software-based, virtual parallel to the traditional physical network infrastructure.

The PLUMgrid Platform, featuring the unique IO Visor™ technology, brings automation to the data center resulting in dramatic reduction in operating expense and unlocking of significant new business value.

A software-only solution, it provides on-demand, self-service, multi-tenant and scalable network services that meet the business needs of private and public clouds as well as small enterprises.

Today’s networks are not automated, take weeks to provision, and require manual configurations that are prone to errors. The PLUMgrid Platform is a new kind of Virtual Network Infrastructure (VNI) that allows businesses to completely replicate the functions of a physical network infrastructure (PNI) in a virtual environment, without requiring new hardware investment or changes to existing hardware infrastructure. PLUMgrid VNI solution saves time, increases productivity and reduces OPEX by delivering on-demand, self-service and automated networks.

Designed for enterprises and service providers building private and public cloud data centers, the PLUMgrid Platform enables customers to create, copy and deploy secure multi-tenant virtual networks in seconds.

Users of the PLUMgrid Platform can now easily leverage the feature-rich Citrix NetScaler in their Virtual Network Infrastructure. Users simply “Drag and deploy” a NetScaler virtual appliance into their Virtual Domains. The NetScaler appliance can then be connected to, and configured to work with, other virtual topology elements using a few mouse clicks. All of this can be achieved with users self-service provisioning—i.e., without any operator intervention.

This seamless integration and appliance insertion capabilities of the joint solution enables cloud users to deploy their applications and data with the flexibility and simplicity of the PLUMgrid Virtual Network Infrastructure, while meeting application requirements with the availability, performance and security guarantees of Citrix NetScaler.

 Unique Features:

  • Virtual Domains and Network Functions: Offers a vast array of networking and service functions based on distributed system architecture for high performance and scale.      Template-based, on-demand, self-service Virtual Domain provisioning.
  • 3rd Party Appliance Insertion: Integration with a broad portfolio of Service vendors.
  • Visibility: Real-time programmable distributed analytics framework correlates application performance to the network.
  • Operations: Zero-touch installation and provisioning and completely fault-tolerant system.

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